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5708 N. 5th St

Philadelphia, Pa. 19120

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 7201 Frankford Ave   Suite  929

Philadelphia, PA 19135



© 2013 by Connections For Humanity, Inc. 


Connections For Humanity(CFH) is a 501(c)3 grass root multi-service resource center composed of a 100% volunteers  committed to providing relief from hunger to families suffering from food insecurity , assisting homeless & disenfranchised veterans, while offering support  to  poverty-stricken seniors and families suffering due to lack of food,education,unemployment and resources.


  By aggressively addressing the issues and situations people are facing in their lives, CFH provides relief from hunger, promotes education,  self-reliance, and proactive support.





  Stand on the front lines in the fight against hunger,advocate and assist veterans, at risk seniors and low income families seeking help to break the chain of suffering from hunger, and poverty. By offering long-term solutions which embraces empowerment and self-sufficiency


  •  Integrity

            We value honesty and ethical behavior in all that we do.                    We are accountable and responsible for our decisions and                actions.

  • Openness

            We are committed to transparency in our operation and                      communicate truthfully about our efforts and activities.

  • Courage

            We strive to do the right thing by being proactive, valuing                  criticism, accepting tension, and taking risks.

  • Inclusiveness

            We seek out and embrace a diversity of participa­tion,                          thought, and action.

  • Creativity

            We envision what might be, encourage innovation, tolerate                ambiguity, and understand that the risk of failure is                            inherent in the creative process.

  • Excellence

            We value the highest quality in everything we do and                          how we do it.






2016  Basic Digital Skills



The Beginning

     Safety Net Food Pantry Program



          Veterans Assistance Services 


     Computer Lab/ Workshops 




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