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For their service and sacrifice, warm words of thanks from a grateful nation are more than warranted, but they aren't nearly enough. We also owe our veterans the care they were promised and the benefits that they have earned. We have a sacred trust with those who wear the uniform of the United States of America. It's a commitment that begins at enlistment, and it must never end. But we know that for too long, we've fallen short of meeting that commitment. Too many wounded warriors go without the care that they need. Too many veterans don't receive the support that they've earned. Too many who once wore our nation's uniform now sleep in our nation's streets."


Connections For Humanity Sponsor -a-Veteran program was created as a direct result of men and woman who enlisted in our United States Military Forces with the honor of integrity to protect and keep this land free.


A sacrifice of one’s self to leave their families and their homes behind to become a protector of America in which we call home. Through the bloodshed, the tears, trenches, and fears unaware of the unknown, these men and woman put their own lives on the frontlines for us.


Unaware to them, was that when they came home that we as a society would not treat and respect them as heroes but close a blind eye to their cries for help.


Many veterans come home disabled (physically and/or mentally), limited to little or no resources, in need of work force training, employment, crisis intervention, housing, support, resources & social assistance.


Foreclosures on their homes, city taxes, legal fees, and incarceration, social adjustments and similar hardships leave many veterans desperate.


Degraded by begging in the street for money as a better choice to buy a cheap meal to fill their belly for the day rather than rummage in the alleys behind restaurants, going through the trash, fighting with rats and flies to make a meal out of other people’s garbage. Begging for money as a better choice to rent a shabby room to sleep and be safe for a few hours rather than flopping like fish out of water sleeping in the unsafe streets of the city. Although shelter are available, often they are full and they must find a alternative sanctuary and survive.


Overwhelmed with hopelessness some veterans  question their dignity and reasoning for their decision to join our Military forces and tragically the results end in Suicide.

For as little as $25.00 to $2,000 or more monthly you can be a hero to the heroes by playing a significant role of assisting veterans and their families with the help they cry out for.


Honor…..……Dignity……..……... .…..Respect……….……. and…………..….. Humane treatment. 

Basic Hygiene needs, Fresh Clothes, Transportation, Privite Housing, Medical & Dental Emergecies

Connections For Humanity’s  Sponsor-a-Veteran  Program is made possible only through the generous contributions of organizations and individuals like yourselves. We welcome any and all contributions as we the people make a stand to preserve the honor of our military men, women and families by standing in support to say “We Hear Your Cries, We Thank You for all you have done, and We Are Here to help.

We here at Connections For Humanity, Inc would like extend our thanks to you for making this program possible ….and from the many military men, women and families life’s that you have and will directly affect……..   

             Single Veteran                         Veteran & Family 


                                         Basic Hygiene Needs


Copper Supporter        $60.00                   Copper Supporter  $200.00


                                     Transportation For A Month          


Bronze  Supporter       $200.00                    Bronze Supporter   $1,00.00      


                                           Food For A Month     


Bronze Supporter        $500.00                    Bronze Supporter  $1,500,00


                                              New Clothes

Silver Supporter          $600.00                    Silver Supporter   $2,000.00


                                              Housing For A Year


Diamond Supporter     $13,500.                  Diamond Supporter  $14,300.


                                    Medical or Dental Emergencies 


Titanium Supporter $20,000                      Titanium Supporter   $40,000











Thank You

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