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A homeless veteran words that day: As CFH was closing this event and packing food, sodas, water and medallions to be delivered to other homeless veteran’s facilities, a veteran who was at the BBQ asked if he could speak with me. “Of course” I answered. He began to tell me how he and his buddy were talking the other day about the Vietnam War they served in, and how many of their buddies did not make it home. He stated “maybe they were better off not making it back home. We have been erased, forgotten.” He went on to say, “yes I got a hero’s welcome for a day and then civilian life showed up . I was unable to get employment because employers stated I had lack of skills, then the city then hit me with a foreclosure on my home. How does one defend a country and have no skills? How does the city that I live in put me out my home? Now I am homeless in a country I fought for and survived. I am 78 years old, disabled, served my country and homeless”. Then he looked down at his medallion around his neck, he smiled as a tear ran down his cheek, he turned it to the back and read out loud “You Are Not Forgotten.” He ended the conversation with “God bless the city officials who spoke today, CFH , SHV and other organizations who encourage and help lighten the load for us veterans who are in rough situations. Thank you for letting us know we are not forgotten”.

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